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New episode checklist Edit

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=== Episode Updates === Episode article:
_X_ Episode screencap
_X_ Summary
___ Synopsis
_X_ Guest Cast
___ Quotes
Update/add other articles:
_X_ Episode redirect: They Bite
_X_ Check that links from previous episode work
Update Main Page:
_X_ Demons:Latest Episode
_X_ Create Template:EP/1
_X_ Next on Demons
=== Character Updates === Update Main Character pages :
___ Luke
___ Galvin
___ Mina
___ Ruby
_X_ Gladiolus Thrip
=== Character/Reference Updates === Update other character pages as needed:
___ (list updated characters)
Add new character pages as needed:
___ Jenny Rutherford
___ Jay Van Helsing
___ Redlip
___ Noisy Boys
Add new actor pages as needed:
___ Saskia Wickham
___ Thomas Arnold
___ Martin Hancock
Add references to appropriate recurring concepts:
___ Smitting
___ Half-Lives
=== Miscellaneous Updates === Events/Items/ etc.
___ Locket
___ London
___ Stacks
___ Luke's Apartment
___ Concert Hall
___ Luke's School
___ Update Pre-Series Timelime
___ Update Series Timeline
Update templates as needed:
_X_ Template: CharacterNav
___ Template: CastNav
=== New Images === Get screencaps:
_X_ [[Image:S01E01.jpg]]
New characters:
_X_ [[Image:Jenny Rutherford.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Jay Van Helsing.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Redlip.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Noisy Boys.jpg]]
New groups:
___ (list new groups)
New Events/Items/ etc.
_X_ [[Image:Locket.jpg]]
New locations:
_X_ [[Image:London.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Stacks.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Luke's Apartment.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Concert Hall.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Luke's School.jpg]]