Father Simeon
Father Simeon
Current Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Race: Zombie
Title: Father
Occupation: Priest
First Appearance: The Whole Enchilada
Last Appearance: Nothing Like Nebraska
Portrayed by: Richard Wilson

Biography Edit

The Whole EnchiladaEdit

Luke and Galvin find themselves up against a particularly tricky demon. In need of some expert advice, the smiting duo decide to call on a trusty source - the zombie priest, Father Simeon.

The meeting confirms their worst fears. It also gives Galvin and Simeon a chance to get to know each other again, though it seems that something previously had created an unresolvable issue between the two.

Nothing Like NebraskaEdit

Simeon is killed by Gladiolus Thrip.


Father Simeon has appeared in a total of two episodes.

Series 1-
The Whole Enchilada
Nothing Like Nebraska

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