Noisy Boys

Noisy Boys.

Noisy Boys are Type 4 Half-Lifes, unlike Type 3s such as Redlip's Monkey, they have a humanoid shape, but still act like animals. They serve various higher Half-Lifes, such as Gladiolus Thrip, Redlip and Mr. Tibbs. They roam in hooded packs, but the Noisy Boys are no ordinary gang of ASBO yobs. As a pack they are formidable, but when they do meet a worthy adversary they become cowardly; disappearing into the night in a flurry of cries and laughter.

The Library's DescriptionEdit

The Noisy Boys are Type 4 entities, slightly more evolved than a type 3, but only in that they walk upright and wear clothes. Roaming in hooded packs, the Noisy Boys could be lurking on any street corner, filling the night with their animal growls and insane giggles. But this group are no ordinary gang of ASBO yobs - they are hooded hyenas who roam the streets of London looking for their next meal.

Barely able to keep track of their own saliva, the Noisy Boys work on pure animal instinct. As a pack they are formidable and agile fighters. With speed and skill, they are a match for any opponent, surrounding and attacking their prey. But when they do meet a worthy adversary, they become cowardly. Making a swift exit, they disappear into the night in a flurry of cries and laughter.


They BiteEdit

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Saving GraceEdit

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Demons GameEdit

Luke vs Noisy Boy

Noisy Boys in the Demons Online Game.

The Noisy Boys several appearences in the online DEMONS game, several of them are smitted by Luke as he travels through nighttime London. They are the weakest creatures he encounters in the game, with Redlip, Zippy, Gilgamel and Gladiolus Thrip being more powerful. Their special attack consists of doing a flip and kicking Luke.

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