A Pyromancer disguised as a clown.

Pyromancers are an extremely dangerous type of Half-Life.

The Library's DescriptionEdit

Pyromancers are a deceptive and elusive Half-Life. They are able to take any form, blending into their surroundings and making surprise attacks.

Pyromancer Attack

Luke suffering from a Pyromancer attack.

Although not a particularly high grade entity, Pyromancers possess dangerous and mystical power. They are telepathic and with the use of their green orbs, they attack their victims with a burst of psychis energy. Depending on the intensity of the attack, the orbs render the victim with a mental burn-out. A small dose can lead to nothing more than a temporary psychic - meltdown, but a full on attack from a Pyromancer can be fatal.


In Nothing Like Nebraska, Galvin and Luke chase a Pyromancer disguised as a clown.

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