Gender: Male
Race: Ghoul
Affiliation: Gladiolus Thrip
First Appearance: They Bite
Last Appearance: They Bite
Cause: Smitted
Portrayed by: Martin Hancock

Tall and menacing, he conceals his disfigured features with a long black coat and hat. When he can't get hold of 'fresh meat' Redlip feeds on cockroaches. Redlip has a terrible stutter and prefers to keep words to a minimum and growls to the max.

The Library's DescriptionEdit

Redlip is a Type 5 entity. He's a watcher who hides in the shadows of London stalking those unfortanutely enough to be chosen as his victims. A tall and menacing-looking creature, Redlip conceals his pale and disfifured features with a long black coat and a tatty hat. He has dark soulless eyes and rotten mouth lined with rows of yellow, crooked teeth.

When he can't get hold of 'fresh meat', Redlip feeds on cockroaches. But whatever his prey, he can't keep any meal down for long. After every serving, Redlip unhinges his jaw and coughes up an owl pellet the size of a pool ball. No wonder he provokes fear in anyone who has the misfortune of crossing his path.

Redlip has a terrible stutter and prefers to keep works to a minimum and growls to the max. As a Type 5, he's not very smart, which is just how his master, Gladiolus Thrip, likes him.


They BiteEdit

Redlip is a henchman who worked for Gladiolus Thrip, he follows Luke. Sending his scout to spy on him before attacking him and his friend Ruby. He then captures Ruby as bait to kill Luke, when Luke and Galvin confront the duo, Redlip is quickly disposed by Galvin's gun.

Demons GameEdit

Luke vs Redlip

Redlip in the Demons Online Game.

Making several appearences in the online DEMONS game, Redlip has higher strength and intelligence then the noisy boys while his speed is the same, he is also weaker then Gilgamel, Zippy and Thrip. His special attack consists of upchucking his latest meal and spitting it at Luke, causing serious damage.

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